Washington Post stories in July — And Dolly!

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This month (July 2016), I’ve been busy at the Washington Post. This weekend I have the front page feature of the Sunday Arts section! The story is on New Orleans trumpeter Irvin Mayfield who is the subject of a three-year federal probe for diverting money from the New Orleans Library Foundation, a private entity tasked with raising money for the city’s public library system, to the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, his personal non-profit that pays him a high six-figure salary and has been used to promote his career.

You can read this story here.

I also traveled to St. Joseph, Michigan, to report on a mass shooting at a county courthouse that left several people, including the shooter, dead.

Finally, I wrote a feature for the Post on he struggle many elderly musicians face when they reach a certain age and don’t have the fund for their mounting medical costs. Many, like surf rock legend Dick Dale, are forced to continue to tour despite major ailments. It’s a sad story that I hope will be remedied soon. Check it out here.

Oh, and I interviewed country music legend Dolly Parton for The Guardian!!

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