The Origin of Species

Categories: Full-Length Plays

THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES is a dark comedy about the price paid for artistic inspiration and the realities of faded glory. Paul, a middle age bassist and songwriter, finds that as he approaches middle age, is dealing with the realities of being a one-hit wonder. With his band broken up and his songwriting partner in L.A., he is alone in trying to make sense of how to regain his dream and to collect some much needed royalties to boot. In comes Morris, his father-in-law, a retired accountant. Morris is looking for Evie, his daughter, a horse jumper. In their frenetic interaction, Morris learns that Evie hasn’t died, she’s been transformed into an otherworldly creature. Evie has been a sort of muse to both men and in chasing her, they encounter hard truths about the limitations of love.  Cutting into this discovery is Tracy, a teenager who learns from Paul how outcasts can be redeemed through pop music glory.

In two acts.
One man, about 40, one man, about 60, one teenage girl.
One set.

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