Rittenhouse spokesman: No matter the verdict, ‘there are no winners’

By Mark Guarino

12:57 p.m.

A spokesman for the Rittenhouse family called the case a “tragedy” and said that no matter the verdict, “there are no winners.”

In an interview with The Post on Tuesday, Dave Hancock said Rittenhouse has been diagnosed with PTSD and is in therapy. To help, he has adopted a golden retriever named Milo.

Hancock said he “supports the message of Black Lives Matter” and argued that Rittenhouse has been unfairly portrayed as a white supremacist by the prosecution.

Prosecutors never called Rittenhouse a white supremacist during the trial, and Judge Bruce Schroeder prohibited the use of photos that show Rittenhouse posing with members of the Proud Boys, a far-right group with a history of violence, and flashing a sign adopted by white supremacists.

In an echo of the defense team, Hancock also suggested that Rittenhouse had become a scapegoat for the three days of destruction and violence in Kenosha last year. “They are making up a story to imprison a young man trying to defend himself,” the spokesman said.

“Everyone in this situation needs to heal. At the end of the day, people lost their lives,” he said. “There’s nothing funny about it.”

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