Overnight Lows

Categories: Full-Length Plays

“The prose is rich and strange (it reminds me of David Milch’s work for HBO). And whenever you think you’ve got the play figured out, it wriggles deftly out of your grasp and into the realm of dead parents, late-night radio confessions and other detritus of a lonely Chicago night. But the play also is never pretentiously oblique. You feel you recognize the characters. You invest.” – Chicago Tribune

“ … A richly theatrical, hour-long meditation on the impermanence of love, the anxiety of intimacy, the distortions of insomnia, the prevalence of alienation, the legacy of parents, the terror of risk-taking and the mysteries of the mind in the wee small hours of the morning … beautifully written, shot through with pain and comedy.” – Chicago Sun-Times

Set in the dead of night in a Chicago garden apartment, a young couple starts a date that never ends. Changing seasons, dead parents, late night talk radio and professional insecurity cage them in limbo until morning finally arrives, determining their future.

A full-length play in one act.
Twenty-something female, two males. Fifty-something male-female couple.
One voiceover, female.
Minimal set.

download an excerpt (pdf)

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