Mozart Born

Categories: Full-Length Plays

MOZART BORN takes place in its entirety in a second floor bedroom of a working class bungalow in Chicago. Gloria has arrived there with her cousin Mike to steal something out of Denice’s bedroom. Gloria has been robbed by Denice’s brother Ed and wants to retaliate. Denice later learns that Mike and Gloria were once childhood musical prodigies who have given up their talents because they were not practical in the “real world.” Mike is now resigned to his role as a thief who steals from churches, Gloria is a clerk.  Likewise, Denice has returned from a future in a convent because she insisted the spectacular visions she experienced were Martians. These visions are manifested onstage by wild flora, which gradually engulf the stage, transforming it into a garden. Over time, Mike and Gloria see this other world, too. Although the visions spark memories of their youth when they were at their greatest potential, Denice still struggles to convince herself that the visions are real. When Gloria learns that Mike teamed with Ed, she escapes. Her return by the play’s end transforms all three characters.

Two acts.
One woman, late forties. One woman and one man, twenties. One offstage voice.
One set.

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