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Drive-By Truckers/Hold Steady

By Mark Guarino You can make yourself dizzy thinking of ways the Drive-By Truckers and the Hold Steady are similar, because each reason will ring untrue. It just may be that the only thing connecting these bands is their audience: you know, the beer-slugging collegiate types [...]

November 17, 2008|Categories: No Depression|

Austin City Limits Festival

By Mark GuarinoHurricane Rita huffed and puffed but did not blow down the Austin City Limits Music Festival in late September. Because predictions said nearby Houston would suffer a direct hit, it was assumed fallout storms would force cancellations of a portion or all of the [...]

November 17, 2008|Categories: No Depression|

Jackson Browne, Time the Conqueror

By Mark GuarinoJackson BrowneTime the Conqueror(Inside Recordings)On his new album, Randy Newman assesses the state of our nation this way:“Jesus Christ it stinks here high and low/the rich are getting richer I should know/while we’re going up you’re going down/no one gives a shit than Jackson [...]

October 7, 2008|Categories: No Depression|

Sera Cahoone

By Mark GuarinoSera Cahoone is the first person to tell you she is shy. First she hid behind her drums. To curb her constantly fidgeting hands, something her teachers always complained to her about, she picked up drumsticks and convinced her mother it was a practical [...]

June 1, 2008|Categories: No Depression|

The Grand Archives

By Mark GuarinoFor Mat Brooke, forming the Seattle band the Grand Archives presented a second chance not allowed for many musicians: To grow up.“There’s probably a natural progression of things that come with age. When you’re younger, you’re drinking and going through a ton of relationships, [...]

February 19, 2008|Categories: No Depression|

Anna Lee Amsden

By Mark GuarinoShe may be mythic to some, but Anna Lee Amsden also makes a tasty fried cornbread. She is serving it to hungry music fans in Woodstock, N.Y., one late Saturday night in early September as Levon Helm, her friend of 60-plus years, is gearing [...]

December 1, 2007|Categories: No Depression|