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Major news releases of 2008

By Mark GuarinoDon’t look up: spring is here, no matter what the dark skies tell us. To celebrate, here is a run-down of the essential new releases in stores this month.R.E.M., “Accelerate” (Warner Bros.)What kind of band falls apart when the drummer leaves? That was the [...]

April 14, 2008|Categories: Chicago Daily Herald|

Foo Fighters at the Allstate Arena, 2008

By Mark GuarinoThat gum-chomping, stage-stalking, joke-telling, beard-wearing, vocal-shredding rocker dude named Dave Grohl didn’t want to bum anyone out Monday, even though his music of late is his most vulnerable, interjected with political outrage and tender introspection. But not Monday. Not before a sold-out crowd. Not [...]

February 26, 2008|Categories: Chicago Daily Herald|