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Disharmony at the Old Town School 

The new teachers’ union fears the administration is treating them like commodities, not inspirations. By Mark Guarino Since it opened in 1957, the Old Town School of Folk Music has survived economic downturns, social upheavals, and disco. But in 2020 it faces perhaps its biggest challenge yet. After years of [...]

January 2, 2021|Categories: Chicago Reader|

Judson Claiborne confront humanity’s downfall with beautiful songs on When a Man Loves an Omen 

By Mark Guarino When humanity’s ship goes down due to a global pandemic, vulture capitalism, and corrupt politics, the band picking and singing the final notes will be Chicago’s Judson Claiborne. So this month—when we’re grappling with the messy aftermath of an election while watching COVID-19 cases skyrocket [...]

January 2, 2021|Categories: Chicago Reader|

Will Bloodshot Records stay in the saddle? 

Internal strife, unpaid royalties, and the looming possibility of a sale have forced the venerable Chicago indie label to a crossroads. By Mark Guarino Bloodshot Records, the beloved Chicago indie label that created a home for "insurgent country," is suffering from an insurgency of its own making. [...]

January 2, 2021|Categories: Chicago Reader|

Did John Prine die for Donald Trump’s sins? 

The cruelty, ignorance, and incompetence of the federal pandemic response have cost the life of a beloved singer-songwriter who stood against all those things. By Mark Guarino April 08, 2020  The death of John Prine on Tuesday from complications of COVID-19 is a cruel blow to anyone [...]

April 21, 2020|Categories: Chicago Reader|

Despite the alderman’s opposition to an entertainment district, venues are still wary of Lincoln Yards

By Mark Guarino  January 9, 2019 Professional soccer and stadium-size concerts are both unwelcome along the North Branch of the Chicago River—at least according to the alderman whose ward would contain the controversial $6 billion, 54-acre Lincoln Yards project proposed by Chicago developer Sterling Bay. Alderman [...]

March 17, 2019|Categories: Chicago Reader|