Attorney for man wounded by Rittenhouse: ‘This is a real dark day for criminal justice’

By Mark Guarino and Tim Craig

4:25 p.m.

The attorney for Grosskreutz, who was wounded by Rittenhouse, said Friday that her client’s federal lawsuit against the city of Kenosha will proceed.

Kimberley Motley said Grosskreutz “respects the decision of the jurors but vehemently disagrees with it.” She also said Grosskreutz will continue to press his case in federal court, alleging that law enforcement authorities in Kenosha allowed militia groups to roam the city on the night that Rittenhouse shot three people, two of them fatally.

Despite being shot at close range, Grosskreutz, 27, survived, but he lost part of his biceps. Earlier this month, Grosskreutz testified for the prosecution during the trial, telling the jury he had a gun in his hand during his encounter with Rittenhouse but never intended to use it.

“This is a real dark day for criminal justice and the rule of law,” Motley said after the verdict was announced. “This is a horrible message for the city of Kenosha, the state of Wisconsin and the whole country to say it’s okay for a teenager to illegally have an AR-15 and shoot and kill people who aren’t even posing a threat of imminent harm to him.”

Motley also questioned why prosecutors called just 22 of the 130 people who she said witnessed the shootings in August 2020. And she said she “didn’t agree” with how Schroeder presided over the case.

“I’ve never seen a judge force a courtroom to force a round of applause for an expert witness while the jury was still in the room,” said Motley, referring the public recognition of gratitude Schroeder made to a witness on Veterans Day.

In the lawsuit filed last month, Grosskreutz alleges that Kenosha leaders and police should have done more to prevent “a band of white nationalist vigilantes” from entering the city during the racial justice protests.

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