A Sept. 11 story for the Washington Post takes me to downstate Illinois

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That’s right. There’s a connection between central Illinois and Somerset County, Pa., where Flight 93 crashed on Sept. 11, killing everyone on board. Since that tragic day, the National Parks Service has been slowly building a memorial park designed to honor all 40 passengers and crew members. The Flight 93 National Memorial, set on 2,200 acres, has opened in stages, according to the installation of different design features. The final feature is the Tower of Voices, a 93-feet-high structure holding 30 wind chimes that will ring in perpetuity.

Those chimes were sourced, carried, cut and tuned by Brett Fugate, a heavy metal musician and professional instrument tuner who operates out of a small shop near Peoria. I visited Brett’s shop, took photos, and the story was featured on the cover of the Sunday Style section the week of Sept. 11. Read it here. 

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